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Two Days In Prague – The Perfect Itinerary

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Looking for a Two Day Itinerary in Prague?

Simply put, Prague is one of the most treasured jewels of Eastern Europe. Spend two days in Prague and fall in love with this city!

Not only is it a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is also a thriving cultural community.

I love Prague because being there is like taking a magical step back in time while simultaneously being in a progressive and modern city. 

Picture the shimmering Vltava River separating the castle on the hill from the old town square, with a medieval bridge linking the two sides.

There’s so much to see and do, you could spend many days exploring. But if you’re short on time, here are the highlights for spending two days in Prague. 

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2 Days In Prague
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Know before you go

When is the best time to go to Prague?

This region is busiest during June – August. The weather is warm and comfortable. The river offers breezes and lots of opportunities to cool off.

The Fall and Spring are partly cloudy and cool.

November – March can be very cold and snowy.

The winter holiday season is very festive with Christmas markets, concerts, and nativity celebrations.

The best places to eat in Prague

  • Kozlovna Apropos Beer Restaurant at Křižovnická 4, for outstanding traditional Czech cuisine in a casual atmosphere
  • Rooftop Restaurant at Hotel U Prince at Staroměstské nám. 29 for an outstanding outdoor meal above the square with views of the city.
  • Meat & Greet Burgerhouse at 2, Senovážné nám. 994 is a small but awesome pub with the best turkey burger I’ve ever had.
  • The Czech Koruna is the official currency of Czech Republic. Many places will accept Euro but might give you change in Czech currency. Credit Cards are widely accepted. Be sure to check if it’s better to pay in Koruna, Euros, or Dollars for the exchange rate while you are visiting.
  • Plug types are types C and F. Type C is the one with two round pins and Type F is the plug with two round pins and two earth clips on the side. 
  • The language of Czech Republic is the is Czech Language or Czechoslavakian. Prague is a city that thrives on tourism, so you’ll get by, no matter what language you speak.
Prague Riverbank

Which are the best hotels in Prague?

I’ve stayed at 3 excellent hotels in the Bohemian capital that I highly recommend.  These are all be great choices for spending two days in Prague. Click these links to learn more.

→ NH Collection Carlo IV in Nove Mesto

This is a high end, tasteful, 5 star hotel in walking distance to all sites. Enjoy the remarkable breakfasts and spa facilities.

→ Aurus Hotel Karlova 3

This is a charming, old world hotel in the center of the old town. The rooms are apartments, furnished beautifully with windows onto the square.

→ Vienna House Andel’s Prague

This is the more modern, and affordable hotel located in the bustling Andel neighborhood.

Prague Sq at night
Prague alley

Enjoy these things to do in
Prague in two days!

Day One

The Old Town Square

Start your visit in Prague’s Old Town Square. There you’ll find St. Nicholas Church and the Old Town Hall with its Astronomical Clock. It’s Prague’s heartbeat. Its bustling with people, performers, and artists.
Prague Square
Prague Astronomical Clock

The Old Town Hall

Built in 1338, Prague’s Old Town Hall was originally established under the reign of King John of Bohemia.

It was later used as a prison where rebels were beheaded in the square and then was set on fire at the end of the occupation in 1945.

After it was repaired, the Old Town Hall continues to host weddings in the 1381 chapel, and is a prime example of stunning gothic architecture.

2 Days in Prague

The Astronomical Clock (Orlojem)

The most popular feature of the Old Town Hall is its famous clock tower, built in 1410 by Mikuláš of Kadaň (who was later blinded by councilmen so he couldn’t build a replica for anyone else).

To this day, from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.,every hour, 12 apostles, pop up in the clock windows.

The clock is both a zodiac calendar and a clock. It tells time in 4 different ways, Old-Bohemian Time, Babylonian Time, Eastern European Time, and Astrological Star Time!

Do crowds gather at the hour to watch the clock? Yes they do. 

Is it worth the wait? Frankly, its a bit underwhelming, but you gotta do it at least once!

Prague Jewish Quarter gate

The Jewish Quarter

It’s about a 6 minute walk from the Old Town Hall to the Jewish Quarter.

At the gate of the Jewish Cemetery buy your tickets for approximately 500 Czech Koruna, which is the equivalent of about $21 US.

The ticket is valid for 7 days and allows you access to the cemetery, 5 of the most important synagogues in the world, the ceremonial hall where bodies were prepared for burial, and to the Jewish Museum.

Seeing the Jewish Quarter of Prague is an important part of understanding the rich history of this city and this part of Europe.

As you wind your way through the shops and food choices of the Old Town Square, head onto Josefov Street toward the Jewish Museum of Prague.

The Jewish Museum of Prague is spread across many buildings and synagogues  in the Jewish Quarter.

Prague Spanish Synagogue
Prague Jewish Cemetary
I visited this area both times I was in Prague and learned much more the second time.

Don’t feel stressed if you don’t have time to see all the synagogues and the museum.

It’s a lot to take in and you may want to spread the visit over your days in the city. 

I would focus on the cemetery with the oldest tombstone dating 1439, the Old-New Synagogue built in 1270, and the Spanish Synagogue, built in 1868 in the breathtaking Moorish design.

2 Days In Prague
The Old Jewish Cemetery is said to be among the oldest surviving Jewish burial grounds in the world.

The cemetary was started early in the 15th century, (the oldest tombstone of a rabbi’s grave is dated 1439), and the last known burial was in 1787.

The cemetery wasn’t able to provide the town with enough space for the Jews to be buried, so bodies were buried on top of each other.

Some of the graves are layered 10 people deep. There are an estimated 12,000 tombstones on the grounds. 

Prague Jewish Cemetary
Prague Cemetary

Enjoy a Vltava River Cruise

After a perfect day and delicious dinner, find one of the many boat vendors along the river and take a paddle boat or river cruise.

Enjoy the night time sky and lights of the castle.

Make sure you spend some time on the river during your two days in Prague.

Prague night cruises

Day Two

The Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge crossing the river, has 16 arches, and connects the castle hill with the Old Town. Walk across and enjoy the srt, the music, and the people watching. Take lots of photos.

Construction on the famous Charles Bridge began in the 1300’s and was not complete until the 15th century.

It was the only way to cross the Vltava River from the Prague Castle for hundreds of years.

Be sure to touch the Statue of John of Nepomuk for good luck.

I’m not sure why it brings good luck since this is where Saint John of Nepomuk was thrown off the Charles Bridge after being tortured and killed!

He’s considered the saint of confession. He would not reveal to the King what the Queen of Bohemia confessed, so the King had him drowned in the river.

The Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge Statue

Prague Castle Complex

Take the 15 minute walk from the end of the Charles Bridge up to the castle.

The Prague Castle is said to be the largest castle complex in the world.

The castle includes the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, and the Daliborka Tower. Not only is this castle a Unesco World Heritage Site, but it is the most important monument in the Czech Republic.

The castle structures are built in a variety of styles from Romanesque, Gothic, and Slovenian architecture.

You can take a virtual tour of the castle grounds, or a walking tour. Enjoy the history, the beauty, and the views! Idf you have time, go back more than once during your two days in Prague.

Prague Castle Entrance
Cathedral Prague
Castle guard

Lesser Town

On your way down the hill back to the bridge, visit Lesser Town.

This is the Malá Strana neighborhood below the castle.

Enjoy the Wallenstein Garden and its roaming peacocks, the charming streets, restaurants, pubs, the Franz Kafka Museum, and the famous Lennon Wall where fans from around the world write notes to the Beloved Beatle.

Prague food
Prague spritz
Prague desert


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