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I’m so happy that you have found my travel blog! Let me inspire you to connect with your favorite people as you travel the world together!

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The world is a better place when we venture out of our comfort zones.

About Me

I inherited many things from my mother, but one of my favorite traits is definitely a wanderlust. She encouraged us to leave the nest, travel as much as possible, and be open to other cultures, customs, and experiences. My first big adventure was a college study abroad in Israel during a time when study abroad was not nearly as commonplace as it is now. That semester trip turned into an unbelievable backpacking adventure around the Middle East and Europe, which lasted an amazing nine months. My passport was stolen in the first month, I hitchhiked in the Negev, I climbed the pyramids of Giza, and even lived in a cave on the island of Crete. I made lifelong friends, had great stories, and was forever changed. Needless to say, the re-entry to college life was a bit disappointing! Luckily, however, the universe provided me with a job dancing in a circus in Mexico! That led to a life in NYC, and later to San Francisco. I look back on it all now and realize that I have always been planning the next trip!

Fortunately, I found a husband who, with a little coaching, was willing to feed my wanderlust! Together, we were determined to introduce our kids to the many wonders of travel. We have experienced some of our most intense and best moments while exploring the world with our girls. Our trips have connected us in ways we could never have imagined. We taught our daughters strength, confidence, and truly what it means to be global citizens. They are now off on their own travels, and I am ready for my next adventure!

Please let me inspire you to experience the deep fulfillment and satisfaction of travel. I honestly believe the world is a better place when we get out of our day-to-day and leave our comfort zones. Travel shows us the myriad of ways to expand heart and mind while being away from what is familiar. It allows us to create unique connections and a deeper sense of self. Let your journey motivate you to be your best self when you return home. Take your children, meet your friends, get out of town! 

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