The Apple of My Pie

The Apple of My Pie

This is a September we will always remember. How can we ever forget the Fall when the kids did not get new shoes for the first day of school, and the Labor Day block party we had for the past 22 years didn’t happen?

My apple tree, however, does not at all seem aware that there is a global pandemic. It has been producing and growing its apples since early in the Quarantine Spring and they are ready! It is a grafted tree with three types of apples; Golden Delicious, Fuji, and Macintosh. Last summer was all about the peaches and this year, we are all about the apples. So, guess, what I made yesterday? Two apple pies!


If you have been reading my blog, you know I mention my mother a lot. Phyllis was a huge and wonderful influence on me, and all who dined at her table! She was a genius in the kitchen and I sat with her for countless hours talking and singing while she cooked and baked. There are techniques of hers which are forever loaded into my DNA. I know my siblings would agree that we watched Phyllis make apple pie more times than we can remember. It didn’t happen just at Thanksgiving time, but throughout the year, for our enjoyment and for the pleasure of others. I cannot make a pie without channeling my mother during the whole process. I throw a dish towel over my shoulder and get to work and when I am done, it is as if I had a beautiful visit with my mother. The pie is always flawless and the effort is definitely worth if for the results.

My daughter and I made this fun video of the pie making yesterday. Watch and enjoy! Recipe below. Please credit Phyllis Green when you serve it, she would appreciate that!



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