Thank you!


Why it took 97 weeks to write 52 blogs.

Dear Cup Of Decaf Readers,



This is a thank you note to one and all. You may not realize it, but you have helped me to reach my goal!



In January of 2019, I was acutely aware that I had only one more year in my 50’s, felt a little slumpy about my career, and was desperate for a spark of creativity. I had lost my creative juices somewhere along the way and wanted to start my 60’s with a new twist! I set out to rekindle myself. Not a full reinvention, just a little tune up. Those of you who have been with me since the beginning may remember that I set out to write 52 blogs, with 52 photos, in the 52 weeks of 2019.



Well, the best laid plans…



Here are the top eleven reasons why it took me almost 100 weeks to get to post #52.



11. It’s very difficult to come up with something worthy of sharing with the whole world on a weekly basis.



10. My vision of what the point of me doing this has changed at least six times.



9. Inspiration does not always show up on a weekly basis.



8. Sometimes what I wrote was absolute shit and I couldn’t bear to publish it.



7. It takes a lot of re-writes and editing to express myself in ways that I won’t have regrets about later.



6. I have a full-time job, which requires a lot of writing, and a full-time family who request a lot of editing help! (You know who you are…)



5. Photography is REALLY hard!



4. Technology is sometimes a huge pain in my blog.



3. The pandemic sent us all into a time warp.


2. The F*&%$#* election and CNN consumed a lot of time.


1. The number one reason it took me 97 weeks to write #52 is because I had no idea what I was getting into in the beginning, and it was an unrealistic goal for me, the complete novice.

So, now I’m here and feel very proud of my accomplishment. I honestly don’t care that I am almost a full year late on arrival. I know no one else cares, either! You probably didn’t even know my goal was a thing!


I am really happy I started this project and I cannot thank you enough for all the positive feedback. I had no idea that would be a part of the process, but it certainly kept me going. The private and public messages of encouragement from family, friends, and complete strangers help to provide a creative feedback loop that continues to propel me forward.


I highly recommend the idea of creating something you can feel proud of; a meal, a painting, a world changing non-profit, or a blog. It’s definitely good for the soul and happy souls might make a happier universe, who knows?

Thank you again for reading, for subscribing, and for following on Instagram. It is greatly appreciated! I have new and exciting plans for my little blog that will be emerging soon, so stay tuned! Please let me know what you are up to, so I can do my part to support your project as you have supported mine.



All my best,



Enjoy your decaf and stay safe,



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