Six Ways To Make Your Credit Card Work For You

Make Your Credit Card Work For You
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Make Your Credit Card Work For You

Credit Card = Travel

Make your credit card work for you. In my mind, my credit card is a tool for traveling as frequently and freely as possible.

In order to take advantage of all the benefits your airline affiliated credit card has to offer, make sure you do your research. It might not be obvious and you may be missing out on some of the perks. Here are a six ways to make your credit card work for you:

1. Make sure your credit card offers you miles for every dollar spent and at least double miles when you buy airline tickets, shop, and dine at affiliated places. You should always be rewarded with double or more miles when purchasing plane tix! 

2. Your miles should NEVER expire and you should be able to use them for car rentals or hotels too. 

3. Purchase tickets for the less expensive trips and save a bunch of miles and use them for big trips. Taking a family of 4 to Europe is a lot cheaper when all the flights are free! 

4. If you are getting a new card, you will benefit from up to 100,000 bonus miles if you spend a certain amount within the first few months and have no annual fee for the first year. 

5. Cards like Chase Sapphire and Capital One allow you to use points on over 13 different airlines. Don’t pay over $100 in annual fees.

6. Remember that you can sign up for several airline frequent flyer programs and credit cards so you are not always locked into one airline. For instance, one family member can use a Delta card while the other family member uses the United card and that way, you are accumulating on two programs.

Now start planning your next trip!



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