Mount Horeb – The Secret Gem of Wisconsin

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Why visit Mt. Horeb?

With so much beauty in and around Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, why stop in Mount Horeb you may ask? Because Mount Horeb is awesome!

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin is an historic town in southern Wisconsin, 20 miles west of Madison and 120 miles west of Milwaukee.


Mount Horeb grew after the rail line was completed in 1881. The town has always been centered around the dairy and livestock farming community settled by Norweigian and German immigrants.

The real reason to visit Mount Horeb?

The Trolls! Mount Horeb is known as The Trollway – the troll capital of the world. The Main Street of Mount Horeb is lined with art carved trolls of every size. Over 20 Trolls stand and sit along the street greeting people and welcoming them into stores and to the town.

Mount Horeb
Mount Horeb
Mount Horeb
Mount Horeb
Mount Horeb
Mount Horeb


The trolls originated in the 1970’s when the owners of the Open House Imports Scandanavian gift store placed trolls on their lawn to encourage visitors to shop.

When a new highway was built to bypass the main thoroughfare of the town, Mt. Horeb residents rallied to create more and more trolls to encourage traffic to keep coming through the town.

It has since become the troll capital of the world! Restaurants and shops have embraced the troll theme with a map of the trolls and a live video cam streaming the trolls.

There are troll footprints, happy trolls, lucky trolls, old trolls, and young trolls. Some are carved from special trees and they each have a unique story.


I recommend you drive into town, enjoy breakfast at Sunn Cafe, troll the sidewalks, count how many trolls you see, and later have lunch at The Grumpy Troll before you head out.

More Time?

Cave of the Mounds gemstone and fossil cave site.

Taliesen, the home and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright (one of the 43 Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Wisconsin).

Alex Jordan House on the Rock.

Pendarvis State Park.

Local wineries.

Let us know if you go and please send toll photos!


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Mount Horeb



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