Malibu Farm-The Best Beachfront Restaurant in California

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My favorite beachfront restaurant experience is at Malibu Farm.

I make a reservation at Malibu Farm Restaurant on the Malibu Pier whenever I visit the LA area.

Malibu, California is my happy place and I visit whenever I get the chance. The beaches are divine, the pace and culture sublime, and the food!!!

Malibu Farm Restaurant…

is the best oceanfront dining experience in California! Here is why:

Owner and chef Helene Henderson does everything in her power to maintain a home grown, locally sourced, organic menu that does not hurt the environment or our bodies.

The Malibu Farm Restaurant atmosphere is gorgeous regardless of the weather and the service is impeccable.

Entree prices range from $20 – $40. Malibu Farm Restaurant offers plenty of gluten free, dairy free and vegan options, so not to worry. Everyone will be happy!

Hands down, Malibu Farm Restaurant is one of my most favorite restaurants in the world!

Malibu Farm Restaurant
Malibu Farm Restaurant
Malibu Farm Restaurant

Know before you go

Seating is available indoors, on the patio, or on the pier. I prefer the outdoor seating because you can experience the waves and ocean air. Yes, it is chilly and windy at times, dress accordingly and enjoy the heating lamps and blankets provided!
You will have to pay $10 for parking in the lot because trying to park on the PCH is a suicide mission.
The cocktail and mocktail choices are many and I always wrap up with a decaf latte because they brew incredibly delicious coffee and teas. If you have room for dessert, go for it! You may want to save some of your meal for the next day so you can experience the grilled chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream!
Malibu Farm Restaurant
Malibu Farm Restaurant
Malibu Farm Restaurant
Malibu Farm Restaurant
Malibu Farm Restaurant
Malibu Farm Restaurant



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