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Why Go To Georgia When you can have a California Peach?

Fun fact: Did you know that peaches are originally from Northwest China, not Georgia?


I feel compelled to tell you the story of Carrie and the Giant Peach, also known as The Peaches that Ate Alameda.


About eight years ago we were gifted two infant peach trees from a lovely family who owned an organic farm and were moving away. They explained that we needed to plant them adjacent to each other so they would cross pollinate. They assured us that in time, they would produce delicious yellow peaches. They grew rather quickly, but several years passed before we saw any fruit. The summer of 2014 was our first crop and they were big and beautiful and delicious. I was able to make two or three pies, give a few away, and add them to my breakfast smoothies for a couple of weeks. Well, that was exciting!


And then for the next few years, as the drought was upon us, any peaches we had, were eaten by the squirrels and racoons before we could ever get to them. Then the rains came again, and didn’t stop coming…

I’m Speachless

Earlier this summer, it became clear that we were going to have a bumper crop. Not just any bumper crop, a crazy, unusually, massive harvest. Both trees were so laden with fruit by early July, we had to tie up the branches. By August, we were buying heavy duty rope to lift the branches off the ground and tie them to the fence behind the trees.


They started to fall, and they started to ripen, and we started to pick them. I turned into a peach fanatic. The result was the distribution of approximately 30 bags of peaches to friends and neighbors, five pies, four cobblers (two gluten free), daily smoothies, and 22 jars of jam. We still have enough for another round of jam, at least two more deserts, and enough to freeze for smoothies all winter long. We are talking at least 1000 peaches. Not exaggerating. And there are still more on the trees. And, yes, the creatures have been dining on them all month long!


Peaches and Dream

I love them so much, they have become my favorite photo shoot subjects. With my Aleeza’s photography help, we have created a visual blog of our peachy keen summer and some awesome recipes to go along!


I had never made jam before, so this was a huge undertaking! Play the “I Love Lucy” theme song in your head, because A LOT went wrong! However, I pulled it together, learned some lessons, and can help you avoid making some mistakes!

My mother was famous for many recipes, but her pie crust and apple pie were the pièce de résistance. I have adopted her recipe for peach pie. Enjoy, and be sure to give Phyllis Green the credit when you share!

I found this perfect gluten free cobbler recipe online. And you certainly do not need to be gluten free to enjoy it!

There you have it! You’re a real peach for reading! Thanks!



Hi There! I’m Carrie.

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I’m a native New Englander, turned New Yorker, turned California girl! Following a dance career, working as a dance therapist, and being a school psychologist, I’m now ready to share my passion for photography and travel with you! I absolutely love seeing the world with my family and friends. I know you feel the same! Let’s go! 

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