Howie The Star


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!


To my father, Howie Green, I think of your wisdom often and thank you for adding flavor to our lives.



Things like, “It’s just as easy to marry a rich man as a poor one,” helped to shape my future. You were right, it was very easy to marry a poor man. I think of your favorite joke, “What’s the color of a burp?” and how, to this day, my favorite color is burple. I think of the only song you knew the words to, “A You’re Adorable,” which helped me to learn the alphabet. I think of your Yogi Berra style, that kept us forever puzzled and entertained, albeit unintentionally. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how was your day, Dad?” I inquired. “It was a B,” you replied. And I will always remember how you kept us on our toes by never calling us our actual names. While I grew up not sure if I was George, Pete, or Jesus Christ, at least you never called me late for dinner.

Mostly, Howie, I remember how much you loved us, and your grandchildren, and how you treated our mother like royalty, and always held her hand. Every. Single. Day.



So, for you, Dad, and anyone willing to read, I uncovered a story I wrote at Midland Street Elementary School. It is entitled Howie The Star.” Pretty hilarious, since I neither enjoy nor play football. (FYI, I got a B on it.)



Have a cup of decaf and enjoy your day! Thanks for reading!



Howie was nineteen years old. He was going to Worcester Tech to become an engineer. He also liked football very much.


It was the day for tryouts for the football team. Howie went. Since he only weighed one hundred and thirty pounds, no one thought he would make it. The coach knew how much Howie liked football so he picked him. The rest of the team thought he would wreck the team, but the coach knew he had a chance, so he kept him on the team.


Howie never missed practice. When it was time for the first game, Howie was there. The game started. It was Tech against Brown. At the end of the first quarter, it was six to four, (Brown’s lead). From then on, Brown stayed two points ahead. Until the last quarter, it was a tie score, eight to eight. Two minutes left in the game. Howie gets the ball and runs. He’s on the thirty-yard line, almost gets tackled. Ten seconds left and he makes it! Howie got the winning point!



From then on Howie was bigger than all the other guys.



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