Growing Old Is Not For Sissies…
Sunday and Monday
I recently had a week during which I awoke on Sunday morning with extreme symptoms (I will spare you the terrifying details) of my first, ever, bladder infection! After the doctor returned my panic call, I found relief with the over the counter meds she recommended. I had to wait until Monday, however, when the office was open, to provide a sample and be prescribed an antibiotic. After being semi-reassured, I picked up the medication and felt almost immediate results.
On Tuesday, I saw my chiropractor for our usual weekly work on my lower spine arthritis and sciatica. Thank goodness because of her, and swimming, my symptoms are much improved. Later that same day, I had a pre-op appointment for my upcoming foot surgery. Yes, My Left Foot. (This, of course follows a year of plantar fasciitis, misdiagnosed as a stress fracture, PT, acupuncture, exercise, stretching, cortisone shot, podiatrists, X-Rays, MRI’s, very expensive shoes and orthotics, Advil, Advil, and more Advil, and no running or dance class.)
Now it’s only Wednesday, and I had already scheduled an appointment with a new dermatologist for the suspicious spot on my calf (same leg as My Left Foot). I changed dermatologists because my last basal cell removal came with a hand written note from the sweet doctor, saying, “You have the best kind of cancer you can get!” While somewhat old school and charming, I decided on new school and 21st century this time. So, yes, the results came back positive for basil cells and I have to schedule another procedure to remove it all. Since it is the same leg as My Left Foot surgery, it will have to wait.
On to Thursday, for every woman’s favorite yearly ritual, a mammogram! I would have rescheduled that too, however, I was already two months late and they had been sending frequent reminders to have my boobs squeezed into a cold and hard machine. Good news there, is that I am a lucky one and have been told I am clear. This is always cause for celebration, I feel, because I have far too many people in my life who don’t receive this happy news.
So, then it was Friday and all I had to do was go to work all day and not sneak away for a doctor’s visit! Until of course, after the foot surgery, the post op appointments, and wait for it… the basal cell incision!
Just Keep Moving
My point is, that in recent years, I have required treatment (again sparing you the details) from a sleep specialist, a cardiologist, an otolaryngologist, five different ENT doctors, an endocrinologist, and this doesn’t include my dentist, eye doctor, and primary care doctor. The foot surgery will be my third time under the knife in 18 months! AND I AM HEALTHY!
Yes, I repeat, I am healthy! I exercise and eat right, am almost never sick (knock on wood) and have a strong constitution! A hearty New Englander with great blood pressure and cholesterol. If a healthy person at my age has to go to this many doctors and navigate insurance companies, medical groups, and travel to four different nearby cities to see all these practitioners, imagine what it is like for those less fortunate, or the elderly, or those without insurance.
So, I don’t take my health for granted and I use my medical insurance and I pay attention to my body. I think this is the most important thing we can do as we age. Pay attention, don’t ignore things, and just keep moving!!! Growing old is not for sissies.



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