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Great Food in London

Are you planning a visit to London any time soon? London has great food options in all parts of the city. The great food of London is found in the famous restaurants, the not so famous, and is family and gluten free friendly. We LOVE the food in London! Here are some great food of London spots in Putney, Chelsea, Westminster, and St. John’s Wood.

Great Food Of London
Great Food Of London

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Great Food Of London

Bistro Vadouvan
30 Brewhouse Lane, Putney Wharf

We owe this Great Food Of London choice to our dear friends who live nearby, and treated us to this very special meal! A short walk across the Putney Bridge is a charming wharf with lots to see, do, and eat. The Bistro Vadouvan cuisine is French and Middle Eastern. They call it “French Spice.” They serve family style dishes, perfect for sharing across a giant farm table. There were many gluten free and vegetarian options! We had a prawn and cucumber salad, chickpea dumplings, fig and goat cheese, grilled trout and leeks, braised lamb, squash, eggplant, and more!

Check out their menu. Try to visit the neighborhood during the day when it isn’t raining!

St. Stephen’s Tavern
10 Bridge St. Westminster

This Great Food Of London spot is a very iconic London institution near the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. It’s the spot where Prime Ministers (yes, Churchill and others) grab a bite and a drink in between voting!

Opened in 1875, the pub continues to serve tourists and politicians. You order your food and drink at the bar and the servers deliver it to your table. Of course, try the beer battered fish and chips. Honestly, eat fish and chips as often as you can in London! The meal is so far superior to what we consider fish and chips in the states, it is embarrassing!

St. Stephen’s Tavern had gluten free options, vegan options, and in spite of the crowded atmosphere, we were comfortable at a cozy table downstairs with great service!

Great Food Of London
Great Food Of London
Great Food Of London
Great Food Of London

Harry Morgan
29-31 St Johns Wood High St.

You can’t visit London without a trip across Abbey Road! After your Fab Four photo shoot, it’s time for lunch and my third Great Food of London spot. In the charming neighborhood of St. John’s Wood you will find plenty of shops and restaurants and the classic red phone booths. You will also find THE Jewish Deli of London.

Harry Morgan (Harry’s) is a New York style Jewish delicatessen in London since 1948. If you know my husband, he cannot pass up a pastrami on rye. The falafel was Gluten Free! Fries, tuna melt, and mac and cheese. How does that sound? 

The Ivy Chelsea
195-197 King’s Rd. London

I saved the best for last. This Great Food of London choice is part of The Ivy Restaurants chain of over 30 establishments in London and beyond. They boast a sophisticated, yet approachable, casual, yet polished atmosphere at each.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden is not only affordable, but we were able to get a reservation the day before, during the holiday week! The venue is filled with elegant garden furniture upholstered with velvet cushions. Plants and trees decorate the terrace and garden seating areas. Honestly, we were transplanted (pun intended) from the cold winter air on the busy street into a delightful garden party. The menu includes vegan and vegetarian options.

We had beautiful cocktails, and roast pumpkin soup poured over a scoop of truffle ricotta and pine nuts to start. Then a salmon and smoked haddock fish cake with the traditional crushed peas, a sirloin steak, wild mushroom risotto with Vicenza cheese and sage.

The dessert, … Chocolate Bombe. Melting chocolate with a vanilla ice cream and honeycomb centre with hot salted caramel. You have to see it and taste it to believe it. It arrives looking like a chocolate covered scoop of ice cream, but when the waiter pours the caramel on top, the chocolate melts away as if in a slow-motion dream and reveals a pool of caramel, chocolate, and ice cream begging you to use your spoon!

Great Food in London
Great Food Of London
Great Food Of London
Great Food of London

Be sure to eat Fish & Chips, Bangers & Mash, Afternoon Tea, Trifle, Toffee Pudding, Indian Food, and did I mention Fish & Chips? Enjoy!



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