The Newport, Rhode Island Cliff Walk – Plan Your Visit

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Enjoy the Newport Cliff Walk

The Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island is a perfect way to spend some time in this gorgeous New England town.

You’ll see the incredible ocean cliffs, beautiful coastal views, and the most famous mansions of Newport’s Gilded Age.

Newport is just a 3 hour trip from New York City.

The Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island

About the Newport Cliff Walk

The charming Newport Cliff Walk is a scenic 3.5 mile trail along Newport, Rhode Island’s most pristine coastline.

The path takes you along side the oppulant mansions of the Gilded Age of the nineteenth century.

Take in panoramic views, listen to the crashing waves, and imagine what it would be like to live in the grand era of the late 1800’s.

The Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island
The Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island
The Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island has hosted the America’s Cup for many years, and is the spot of the world renowned Newport Jazz Festival.

This New England gem is most widely known for its Gilded Age mansions along Bellevue Avenue.

The grandeur of these “summer homes” is unlike anything you may have seen. The mansions are from an historic age when America’s most wealthy industrial and oil families chose to spend, spend, and spend.

11 of the mansions are currently open to the public as museums.

Look for the ones you’ve seen in movies!

The Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island
The Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island

The Newport Cliff Walk – Plan your Trip

Where do I start the Cliff Walk in Newport?

Start at the Easton’s Beach trail head. This is at the western end of the beach. There is an obvious sign directing you to the Cliff Walk entrance.

The Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island

How long is the Newport Cliff Walk?

From the Easton’s Beach trail head to the end of the trail at Bailey’s Beach is 3.5 miles, 7 miles round trip.

Where to Park for the Newport Cliff Walk

Parking can be a challenge during high tourist seasons, but there is plenty of metered parking.

If that is not successful, then park further up on Memorial Boulevard toward the center of town.

If you want to park along the walk, look for these streets as you drive on Memorial Boulevard.

~ Narragansett Avenue by the famous Forty Steps.

~ Webster Street at the Salve Regina campus.

~ Sheppard Avenue by the famous Breakers Mansion.

~ Easton Beach Trail Head

The Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island
The Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island
The Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island

Newport Cliff Walk Important Tips

~ The Preservation Society of Newport sells tickets for tours of the mansions and gardens, so if you want to add a tour to your visit, then check out their website for a list of available mansions to see.

~ Prices include admission into up to 5 mansions with one ticket price.

~ Consider a trolley tour that drives around in a vintage trolley car.

~ The Newport Restoration Foundation also maintains some of the mansions.

~ Be sure to wear proper walking shoes because part of the walk is on rocks and if you want to climb the famous Forty Steps, you’ll want to be prepared.

Add a mansion tour to your Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island.

First Choice…

~ The Breakers is the most famous, built by the Vanderbilt railroad tycoons, it is a 70 room Italian Renaissance mansion and is the largest of the mansions on the Cliff Walk.

If you have more time…

~ The Vinland Estate is a Beaux-Arts style mansion,  now owned by the Salve Regina University.

~ The Rosecliff mansion was built in the style of the Palace of Versailles by the Nevada Silver heiress.

~ The Elms mansion, built in 1901, is known as one of the first homes in America to be wired with electricity.

~ Chateau Sur Mer was built by the Wetmore family in 1852 and was considered the biggest mansion until the Vanderbilts arrived.

~ Kingscote was built in 1839 in a Gothic Revival style by a Florida Plantation owner.

~ Isaac Bell House was built in 1883 and is considered to be one of the best examples of the shingle style architecture.

~ Hunter House is a special mansion in Newport because it was built in 1748, approximately 100 years prior to the other homes. It’s designed in the Georgian Colonial style, which is quite different from the other mansions.

~ Chepstow is an Italian style mansion built in 1860 and houses some very important early American paintings and documents.

~ Rough Point was built for Fredrick Vanderbilt and inherited by his 12 year old daughter, Doris Duke. She became a famous philanthropist.

~ Belcourt Mansion, built in 1891, is known as a Beaux-Arts Man’s Mansion because it was built for Oliver Belmont and his many horses.

The Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island

When is the best time to visit Newport?

Summer – Newport is gorgeous year round, but summer is the season for the beach in this seaside town.

Fall – The New England Fall will still be warm, have vibrant colors, and will be less crowded.

Winter – You may catch some lovley winter days but bundle up becasause the walk will be chilly. Check for mansion schedules as some tours may be seasonal.

Spring – New England springtime these days is so unpredictable! Expect rain, snow, sun – anything goes!

More to do in Newport

Plan on traditional New England fare! Fish and chips or lobster and clams for lunch or dinner at The Deck with a live band and a great view.

Try the lobstah roll! A bit pricey and touristy, but quintessential New England.

You’ll find all the typical tourist souvenier shops in town.

Salt water taffy, ice cream, T-Shirts and all!

Don’t miss the famous Newport Fudgery. Honestly some of the best fudge I have ever had!

The Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island

Let me know if you go and take tours! I would love to get opinions on the best ones.



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