San Francisco Mission St Murals

The Best Mission District Murals in San Francisco

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Are you looking for the Best Mission District Murals in San Francisco?

As a Bay Area local, I love to share this part of San Francisco with visitors.

This cultural adventure should be part of any visit to the beautiful city by the Bay.

This guide to the murals is just one of the many things to do in San Francisco.

Not only is the Mission District famous for its amazing food, world renowned musicians, and street festivals, but it’s the center of some of the most brilliant, colorful, and powerful murals in the world.

The Mission District murals in San Francisco portray social injustices, political issues, cultural themes, and are street art at its finest.

A lot of the art changes frequently so you can keep going back for more!

Mission Murals in SF
Mission District Murals in San Francisco

The Mission Dolores Basilica was built in the 1770’s as one of the northern California catholic missions established by Mexican colonists.

It’s San Francisco’s oldest building and the neighborhood surrounding it is home to the vibrant Latin community known as The Mission.  

Enjoy this DIY Guide to the best Mission District Murals in San Francisco to get a feel for the roots of San Francisco.

Mission District Murals in San Francisco
Mission District Murals in San Francisco
Mission District Murals in San Francisco

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A DIY Guide to the Best Mission District Murals in San Francisco

  The Clarion Alley Murals

On Mission Street between 17th and 18th Streets you’ll find Clarion Alley. This is the home of a mural project started in 1992 and continues to involve hundreds of artists who repaint murals regularly.
Mission District Murals in San Francisco
Mission District Murals in San Francisco
Mission District Murals in San Francisco

The Women’s Building Mural

From Mission Street turn onto 18th Street between Valencia & Guerrero Streets to find the famous Women’s Building mural.

The building, a community arts and education center for women, was painted by 7 female artists in 1994 and is called MaestraPeace or “Woman teacher of peace.” 

Look for artist Georgia OKeefe, a pregnant goddess holding up the sun, nobel peace prize winner Rigoberta Menchu, and other famous women poets, musicians, and healers.

Mission District Murals of San Francisco
Mission District Murals in SF

  Balmy Street Alley Murals

Take Mission Street to 24th Street for a long corridor famous for its murals. Find Balmy Street Alley at the corner of Harrison Street.

Balmy Street Alley is the oldest of the mural projects dating from the 1970’s.

Businesses began asking local artists to paint the sides of their buildings because the murals became so popular.

The Precita Eyes Muralists have been painting and maintaining murals on Balmy Street Alley since the 1970’s and continue to provide arts education dedicated to the cultural heritage of the district. 

Mission District Murals in San Francisco

  Lilac Street Alley, Cypress Street Alley, Osage Street Alley, Lucky Street Alley Muras

Continue on the 24th Street corridor for more remarkable murals draping the back alleys of buildings.

An organization called MissionArt415 established a safe solution for graffiti artists by providing space and art supplies for muralists to create.

These alleys are home to the evolving artist community that San Francisco is famous for.

Mission District Murals in San Francisco
Mission District Murals in San Francisco

More Murals!

Here is a list of more murals, each with their own history and story, in the mission district:

~ St. Peter’s Church at Mission Street and Alabama Street.

~ 24th & York Mini Park murals and mosaic snake

~ House of Brakes murals above the garage at 24th Street and South Van Ness Avenue

~ Once Upon A Time in the Mission mural at 24th Street and Shotwell Street

~ The Carnival mural at 24th Street and Folsom Street

~ Cesar Chavez Elementary School mural at Folsom Street between 23rd and 22nd Streets

~ Santana mural at 19th Street and Capp Street

~ La Familia Santana mural at 24th Street BART station

~ La Llorona Sacred Waters mural on 24th Street and York Street

Mission District Murals in San Francisco
Mission District Murals in San Francisco
Mission District Murals in San Francisco
Mission District Murals in San Francisco

A Fun Mission District Murals Tip

At 280 Orange Alley, amidst the mural scene of the Mission, is a Peephole Cinema playing silent films 24/7!

The tiny theater, started in 2013, is the work of animator artist Laurie O’Brian.

See if you can find it on Orange Alley between 24th and 26th Streets.

Where To Stay In San Francisco

As a favorite tourist spot for families and conventions, San Francisco has innumerable budget friendly choices.  

I recommend you choose your location based on your transportation preferences. Consider if you are up for a lot of walking on hills? How comfortable are you with navigating a public transportation system? Are you renting a car? Will you be using rideshare services?

*If you are renting a car, please know that parking can be a bit of a hassle!

4 of the Best Boutique Hotels in San Francisco

Best Bargain Boutique Hotel In
Hotel Triton

Right in the heart of Union Square and at the base of Chinatown is this fabulous, eclectic hotel with local art, unique rooms and fun vibe. Known for great service, awesome location, and the best French restaurant in town, Cafe De La Presse.

→ Best Mid Range Boutique Hotel in San Francisco
1 Hotel San Francisco (formerly Hotel Vitale)

In an excellent location, the 1 Hotel San Francisco is across from the Ferry Building and has views of the city skyline and the Bay. Known for its style with local and reclaimed natural materials and sustainably sourced linens.

→ Best Luxury Boutique Hotel in San Francisco
Hotel Drisco

This luxury boutique hotel sits at the top of San Francisco’s prized Pacific Heights neighborhood. A turn of the century, Edwardian style hotel is known for its beautiful decor, superb service, complimentary breakfasts and generous wine time.

→ Best Comfy Boutique Hotel in San Francisco
Hotel Zeppelin

This is a great bargain in the beautiful Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. The Zeppelin features a celebration of the city’s avant garde era with a bold style. Known for being a comfy, funky, and affordable spot in a great location.

When is the best time to visit
San Francisco?

The Mission tends to be more sunny and warm than other parts of the city. But the weather in San Francisco is always unpredictable due to the Bay, the hills, and the many microclimates.

Not to worry, there’s plenty to do rain or shine. Just think layers and comfortable shoes! 

Here are some rainy day activities to keep you and the whole family busy.

The official warm months are June through October and cold months are December through February.

Where should I eat in the
Mission District?

You can’t go wrong here. The Mission is filled with traditional Mexican and Central American food. You can enjoy a sit down meal or grab a taco as you stroll around.

Here are some recs from a trusted local:

~ Bon Nene
~ West of Pecos
~ Lolo
~ Taqueria El Castillito
~ La Espiga de Oro
~ Papolote Mexican Grill
~ Gracias Madre

How do I get to the Mission District in San Francisco?

The best way to get to The Mission: Take a BART train to the 16th & Mission Street station. 

If using a ride share, get dropped off at the 16th Street BART Station.

You’ll be on foot for your tour, so if you do drive, remember where you parked the car!

Mission District Murals in San Francisco

Now you’re ready to tour the best Mission District Murals in San Francisco!

In a nutshell…

I was astounded by the artistry and history as I explored The Mission with a focus on the murals. You’d be here all day if I shared all the photos I took!

Get yourself there on your next visit to SF, bring your camera, grab a taco, and enjoy!



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